Types of Event

  1. O-training : Monthly training events with easy-to-hard map difficulties and specific component training. Multiple maps / routes will be available. Kids and youths are welcome!
  2. Singapore Ranking Race Series : A total of 4 ranking race series (comprising of 3 ranking races in each series) will be organised. Each ranking race series will be held on a consecutive Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday – 1 ranking race each day. Orienteers will be competing within their own age / gender class. A copy of the rules will be published prior to the start of the first ranking event.
  3. Singapore Orienteering Standards Level 1 : An official certification course will be launched by the middle of the year.

Types of Orienteering Concept

  1. Sprint Orienteering (Foot-O): Orienteers will follow the prescribed map CP sequence and its checkpoint order. Accurate visiting of control points and fastest time in doing so wins!
  2. Score Orienteering: Runner will be given a fixed set of time to get as many control points on their map. Each CP is worth a different numbered value of points and orienteers have to make their own route choices and complete the run before time runs out. Highest score wins.
  3. Relay Orienteering: In a team of 2 to 4, each orienteer will compete against another team in this fast paced sequence-orienteering event. Runner 1 will start in a mass start with other runners in their category, complete his/her map CP route, return to exchange point and tap Runner 2 in order to start. Fastest team to be back and no mistakes by each team member wins!