Race Guide

*Page is updating!

Orienteering is an unique sport with several rules to help the runner and the community understand each other.

Here is a short summary on some of them:

For Sequence based races  — Each race team is required to run through all the checkpoints in the prescribed sequence. Should they miss out on a particular control point, they will be required to go back to that control and check in. Failure to do so will result in a time penalty for the team. 

For example, each team needs to run from CP 1 to CP 4. Along the way to CP 4, they realised that they have missed out on CP 2. They will then have to go back to CP 2, then CP 3 again before going proceeding to CP 4.  

For Score based races — No official running sequence will be prescribed and it is up to the individual team to plan their route approach. A specific time will be given to each of the team category and they are required to return to the finish line before the cut off time. Penalties (in the form of point deduction) will be given to the teams who do not follow the cut off time.

On approach to any control point, please slow down and keep a look out for another team that may be approaching from another direction. Practice good sportsmanship by giving in to the team that is closer to the named control.