League Rules

Admission & Entries for competition

  1. U 14
  2. U 16
  3. U 18
  4. U 20
  5. O 21
  6. O 21 (Singaporeans only)
  7. O 35

Note: U – Under, O – Open (Above)

Under – Maximum allowed age in that category (for eg. Under 20 = 20 years old and below)

Open – Minimum allowed age in that category (for eg. Open 21 = 21 years old and above)

All participants will be entered into their respective gender / age category based on their DOB in the calendar year. Each age category will have a map that is tailored for that difficulty level.

Each of the 7 stated entries consist of individual male and female category. Participants will select their entry base on their current age from their birth year. Admission fee will be paid in advance before the day the competition commence, more information will be provided on the event website.


There will be a total 4 competitions throughout the duration of the calendar year.

  1. April (Spring Orienteering Race) (3 Races)
  2. June (Summer Orienteering Race) (2 Races)
  3. July (National Orienteering Race) (3 Races)
  4. December (Winter Orienteering Race) (3 Races)

There will be a total of 12 races set to complete during the duration of the league. Each competition will be conducted in one consecutive of the weekend in the month (Friday, Saturday & Sunday).

Tie breaker

In the event there is a tie breaker from competitors, the overall winner shall be judged base on:

  1. Total percentage earned
  2. Total amount of podium ranking
  3. Comparing difference of timing from all 15 race maps


There will be a total of 42 PRIZES to be given out to the top 3 competitors of each entry towards the end of the league.

 Point System

Use of point system will go toward the selection of the coming National Squad and also the beneficial of future training & courses

Total points accumulated 1500
Maximum points each race earn 100
Points Breakdown For Each Race
1st Placing 100
2nd Placing 90
3rd Placing 80
4th Placing 70
5th Placing 60
6th Placing 40
7th Placing 40
8th Placing 40
9th Placing 40
10th Placing 40
After 11thPlacing onwards 30
DNF/Mis-punch 10

*Do note that participants who fail to turn up on the competition day itself will not be given any points for that race.