Competition Rules





All races shall be conducted;

  • in accordance with the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) Competition Rules for foot orienteering events.
  • in the event that the rules and regulations are modified for safety /developmental reasons to suit the level of our participants, it will be clearly stated in the respective event bulletin.

2.             RACE ORGANISER

    • The organiser shall consist of Osportz Pte Ltd staff (as technical support) and Orienteering Federation Singapore.
  • The organiser is empowered to appoint sub-committees and individual members to assist in the organization if and when necessary.

The organiser shall have the following responsibilities and powers:

  • to plan out the race schedules.
  • to fix venue, date and time
  • to arrange for equipment and facilities and perform any other tasks for conducting the competitions.
  • to conduct RAMS for the league.
  • to deal with matters pertaining to discipline, protests and other aspects of the
  • to appoint qualified race officials/judges for the championship.

3.            Division

  • All participants shall compete in their respective categories as stated via the division in the League Rules
  • Open class (non-competitive) will be provided for races. Participants in this class will try out the map as per their competitive category but not be ranked.
  • A minimum age of 14 years old is necessary for the Competitive Class.
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to have some prior orienteering knowledge during the O-training sessions
  • A child below the age of 10 who competes in the Open class must be in the company of an accompanying adult.
  • Participants who wish to take part in the race in a small team of 2 or 3 must register themselves in the Open class. Each individual will have their own separate registration.
  • Competitive Class will strictly remain as a solo race and participants are dependent on their individual orienteering skills to complete the race. 
  • There will not be a minimum or maximum cap in the number of races each participant may register in the leagure. All participants will be running on an individual basis (except the Open Class).
  • All entries must be submitted to the competition organiser on or before the stipulated closing date for entries (24 hours before the race start).
  • The entry forms shall include accurate details of the participating runner. It is also the participants’ responsibility to check the latest event bulletin for important event information.
  • All registration and entries are to be done via the registration link for Each event page (Except the NORS  participants).
  • No replacement of participants is allowed once the competition registration date for participants closes.
  • Non-registered participants will not be allowed to take part in the event.
  • By participating in the race, all participants are responsible for their own physical health and mental well-being. Anyone who is not feeling well on the day of the event should not participate. The organiser reserves the right to bar any participants not fulfilling the above critertia from participation.
  • Registration constitutes participation, that is, once a participant has registered for the event, he/she would be participating in the event. Hence, no refund or withdrawal will be allowed.
  • The organiser may have the decision to hold walk-in registrations on the event day. This, however will be done at the discretion of the organising team and may include additional fees in doing so. All participants should register online wherever possible.
  • Any withdrawal is considered contrary to the spirit of the sport.
  • In the case of no show / withdrawal, no ranking points will be awarded to the named participant.


  • The organiser or his representative shall, at his/her discretion, decide to postpone race if he/she thinks the venue is unfit for use on the event day, or for any other valid reasons for which he/she deems a postponement is in order. Participants must abide by the decision of the organiseror his/her representative.
  • If the race cannot be continued due to inclement weather, the following procedures apply:
  • Race to be delayed till category one lightning alert status is cleared.
  • If race is ongoing and category one lightning alert is sounded off, race will be suspended till further notice.
  • For decision on abandoned race, refer to Para 13 on disqualifications.
  • Only registered participants can seek clarification with the race officials on point of rules of the race. He/she can do this either during the interval or at the end of the race.Any decision taken by race officials will be final.
  • All protests / citings and disputes not covered under item 8.1 shall be referred to the competition organiser. The protest(s) must reach the organiser within 1 hour following the completion of the race concerned.
  • Upon the release/disclosure of the decision of the competition organiser, appeal will not be permitted.
  • The aim of the league format is to encourage participation of the community in orienteering events, therefore each individual race (and their rankings) will proceed even with the absence of other representative within their category.
  • Participants will be ranked according to the following criteria: Completion of the race course in the correct order, followed by the time taken for them in doing so.
  • Penalties will be given to teams/individuals who do not follow the cut off time.
  • Participants within the same division/category will be given the same map and they will be flagged off in an interval setting.
  • All participants are to clock in at the check point including at the Start and Finish checkpoints. In the event of any checkpoint disputes, participants are to state their disputes immediately upon the completion of the race course.
  • As part of the league format, participants will be awarded points based on their overall position during the race course. This will culminate in the challenge shield which tabulates points of all races.
  • Points for the league will be awarded based on the following guide: League Rules

*These points will be awarded to each individual based on their competing division / category. This ruling must however be in satisfactory of point 9.1 and 9.2.**Participants in the open class will be unranked.

  • The conslidated points and scores will be published on the Orienteering Federation Singapore facebook page on the completion of each race.
  • The total league score will be compiled and its award presented during the final race of the event calender. These points and score may subsequent be used for National team selection or overseas representation.
  • Coaches and accompanying supporters are not allowed to physically follow any participant during their race course.
  • Failure to comply shall lead to disqualification of the individual.
  • An exception will be made for 11.1 and 11.2 in the case of a minor and an accompanying adult or in the case of open classes where both individuals are registered.
  • All persons are not to enter the stipulated race terrain 48 hours before the competition.

Supporters to the competition should observe a proper conduct and not hamper the movements of other participants and the event organiser.


Each individual will be disqualified if it commits any of the following:

  1. a) Vandalism of control points
  2. b) Fielding unregistered participants
  3. c) Trespassing in a marked out-of-bounds / private area
  4. d) Unruly sportsmanship behaviour
  5. e) Disruption of Park Property and / or the environment

 All results involving the team/individual which has been disqualified will be considered null and void.

Disqualified individuals may also be banned from future races.


  • Participants of each team shall wear appropriate running attire with good traction shoes.


  • Participants shall use covered shoes during the race. Bare-footed competitors will not be allowed to participate in the race.
  • Cut off time for the event will be stipulated before flag off. All teams are to report back to Start/Finish Line immediately at the cut off time.
  • Each venue’s time line and further details will be released at a later time.
  • No change is allowed once the fixture has been arranged.
  • In the event of postponement due to bad weather, the onus is on the team to find out the new date and time from the organiser



All matters not provided for in these Rules and Regulations shall be dealt with by the race organiser.



The race organiser shall have the right to delete, add or amend the rules and regulations laid down herein.


Published: 29 March 2019