Salomon Tries Orienteering


68509756_2402693013344877_7584131801933676544_oWorkshop Dates:

Sun, 18 Aug – Woodlands Town Park East (Completed)

Sun, 15 Sep – AMK Park West (Completed)

Sun, 13 Oct – Tiong Bahru Park / Estate

Sun, 3 Nov – Clementi Central Estate

What is it about?

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Events for 2019

Hello Orienteers,

We will kick start the year by introducing several initiatives to help spur the sport development. These initiatives will be reflected alongside the race calendar from Feb 2019.
  1. O-training : Monthly training events with easy-to-hard map difficulties and specific component training. Multiple maps / routes will be available. Kids and youths are welcome!
  2. Singapore Ranking Race Series : A total of 4 ranking race series (comprising of 3 ranking races in each series) will be organised. Each ranking race series will be held on a consecutive Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday – 1 ranking race each day. Orienteers will be competing within their own age / gender class. A copy of the rules will be published prior to the start of the first ranking event.
  3. Singapore Orienteering Standards Level 1 : An official certification course will be launched by the middle of the year.
  4. Team Selections : For interested Singaporeans who are keen to commit for regular trainings, do drop us a message.
  5. Contact: or PM us via Facebook.
Eugene Chow

Orienteering – An Introduction

What is Orienteering?

Orienteering is an exciting and challenging outdoor that exercises mind and body.

The aim is to navigate between check points that are marked on an orienteering map. Usually, this also involves you to be moving across a variety of terrain. 

In competitive orienteering, the challenge is to be able to complete the map course in the shortest time while choosing your best route.

Who is it for?

Orienteering is a fulfilling sport for all ages who want to keep themselves fit mentally as well as physically, or simply for anyone who wants to add a variety to their leisure activities. 

It does not matter how young-old, or fit you are as the progression will be planned against your own pace to suit you!

For kids, there will be a dedicated training group to meet the specialised training needs of your little ones. 

Where can you do it?

Orienteering can take place anywhere, from the forest highlands and countryside to urban areas, parks and school campuses. 

In Singapore, most of it will take place in the urban areas such as housing estates, neighbourhood parks and school grounds. To train for the forest terrains, these usually take place in our overseas trips to nearby countries or European nations.

The same map “language” is also applicable to any Orienteering events around the world.

Why should you do it?

The sport of orienteering demands of an athlete to have good psychomotor fitness, navigation confidence and spatial awareness. 

Other than these easily observable demands, there are also innate developments such as retention of memory, building self-esteem and environmental awareness. 

For kids, there is much research to show the linkage between orienteering with imaginative play and physical growth. While for adults, orienteering has been shown to protect against age-related memory loss and dementia. 

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